How a phone session works

                                 “I’ve met very few people in my life that I thought were doing exactly what they are supposed to be

                                  doing. I’m convinced Ginny is doing exactly what God wants her to do with her coaching - she is 

                                  God’s hands and feet in the flesh.”                        

                                                                                         - Jim Vernon

As a Holistic Coach, I will guide you on your path and teach you natural ways and methods to manage your life and practice self-healing. 

I conduct coaching sessions in person and on the phone and will record our sessions so that you can take your information with you.  This is your information to use as a tool and I will encourage you to go back and listen.  If you have questions, call me and come back.  Wellness truly is a personal responsibility. 

During sessions, I work with your whole person the mind, body and Spirit and teach you how all three are interrelated and interdependent. When all three areas are working together in balance, we experience peace and clarity, thus freedom. So, in session, I will meet you exactly where you are in the mind, body and Spirit and work to find ways to help you restore balance.  And wherever you are, is exactly where you should be.  We will practice awareness and walk towards acceptance without judgment as there is Divine order to all things.

  1. 1.Phone sessions allow you to schedule self  time with a coach from the comfort of where you are.

  2. 2.Sessions are available in 3o  minute and 1 hour time slots and can be set up as a one-time occurrence, as boosters, or regularly scheduled.

  3. 3.Contact to schedule.

The Path.

Begin where you are.

Look within.

Listen. Feel.

Breathe. Balance.

Begin to Be.

  Active, Experiential Session

  Restores Balance

  Practice for Self Healing




  Connects the Mind and Body


  Awakens the Spirit, the core

  Wellness Programs

  Corporate Training & Retreats

  Speaking Engagements

                     Sit & Breathe

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