Everything you need

is inside of you.

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Our physical bodies are made up of nine systems, the endocrine system, the digestive system, the nervous system just to name a few. These systems are made up of tissues and organs, these tissues and organs are made up of cells, these cells are made up of molecules and these molecules are made up of atoms and atoms are made up of subatomic particles and subatomic particles are made up of energy and light.  The energy life force within, the God Particle, Prana, the Divine light, the Source; no matter what you call it, it is a gift that lives inside each of us at our core, that is powerful, pure, all knowing and whole.

When we become aware of our energy in mind, body and Spirit it becomes a tool
for us to use to take power over our health, restore balance and practice
self-healing.  The Energy hour focuses on working with the whole person in
an active, experiential one-hour session. 

•   20 minutes on the mind with inspiration, storytelling, teachings, scripture, etc.

•   20 minutes on the body with movement

•   20 minutes on the Spirit with breath work & meditation

    Private                            Small Group                       Corporate       


The Energy Hour

At the core of all things is energy. At the core of the earth is energy: a hot molten volcanic energy.  At the core of our beings is energy; one of love and light.  It is our Spirit.  We are all spiritual beings housed in a physical body.  Let’s look at our bodies through the eyes of Quantum Physics to demonstrate this Spiritual Truth.

   Creative Discovery Workshop

    What it is . . .  A creative way to activate the
      imagination and begin to use visualization as  

      a powerful tool to transform your life.

    What it does . . .  it makes time for you to stop,  

     be still and give energy to your dreams.

     It is good for . . . change or transition, those

     looking for guidance, or to awaken to new

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